Our wide experience at every field of Spanish law, made us a reliable partner who you can trust and deposit your reliance. We also provide a people-to-people process, as we like to meet & deal personally every customer issue. Please feel free to contact us for every query or question about our services.



We will make sure that the property you are buying or selling meets all the necessary legal criteria, and make you prepare your funds to avoid surprises. Sign also a Power of Attorney to your trusted Lawyer if you cannot be in Spain during the process, so we can act in your name.


On every case, prior to transaction, Ramallo Abogados will send you a personal breakdown of the total cost and expenses of the purchase, so you can fix your funds. Selling Costs – depends on the total amount (capital gain tax, withholding tax, plusvalia, EEC) Also, we will send you a personal breakdown of the total cost and expenses of the selling.


Once you pay the deposit, we will keep you updated of every tax and milestones on your transaction process . The length of this stage may depends on the current status of the property.


A sale is formally completed only when the deeds or “escritura” are signed before a Notary and when full payment is made and ownership is formally handed over to the buyer. Fortunately we can take care of all the minor details such as setting up a bank account and transferring utilities such as water, electricity and rates into your name. We can also take care of the formalities of registering the property in your name and paying on your behalf all the relevant fees and taxes.


We can help you on any court case in Spain.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance, we will make a deep study and bring you the help you need.


We can review, prepare and negotiate on behalf of our clients any kind of contract or document.

 We will give you a personal advice in 24 hours after receiving the documents.


We have much experience in obtaining all kinds of documents for foreigners and non-residents, and can also arrange for the notarization, legalizing, apostilling of documents.

 We can help you to save time and avoid problems obtaining permits and documents on your behalf or advise you of the precise steps you have to follow to request them yourself.


We can provide a fully coordinated advisory service in the legal, financial, tax and accounting fields to all our commercial and business clients by delivering advice that is effective, efficient and value for money. .

Our aim is to provide practical advice that demonstrates an understanding of our clients’ business. To help your business become firmly established in Spain we will provide all necessary legal advice, information, guidance and the highest level of attention and service from the first moment you contact us. We understand that the early stages of trading can be some of the hardest and that businesses do not become successful overnight. We will assist you in these difficult times. You will not be on your own. This is why a visit to your place of business, without charge, is one of the first things we do.


If you own a property, you must accomplish some tax duties like IBI, local taxes & Tax Return for Non-Residents.




Our Law Firm provides extensive litigation services in different matters ranging from major commercial disputes to small debt collection cases.

Our experience extends from contractual claims to advising on property disputes, but we are specialists in accidents, personal injury litigation, car accidents & insurance claims. If you have suffered an injury caused by a third party in Spain, you will not have to deal with it alone. We can pursue a claim for compensation and will negotiate on your behalf and take the matter to court if necessary. We will organize the medical treatment in order to get the max compensation.